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In-Stores Now! JOE IRON "The Banzai Collection" Album!

"The Banzai Collection"

JOE IRON - The Banzai Collection

JOE IRON - The Banzai Collection

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1.) Yokunai feat. STICKY
2.) Mabataki feat. CHOUJI
3.) No Appeal feat. TAKUMA THE GREAT
4.) Baseball Money feat. STEELO, DRAIG & EGO
5.) Tomerarenai feat. STEELO, YUKI aka JUTO & KOHH
6.) I'm Lost feat. YUE CUE
7.) Swimming feat. PENNTAGON & AI ECO INA
8.) I Stay feat. DRAIG & STICKY
9.) Koza feat. MATCH & TOUGH SAKI
10.) 4 Life feat. DRAIG
11.) Shareninannne feat. ROOZ & DIRECKY
12.) My Ichiban feat. MICHO & BIGJIM AGAIN
13.) Fukuoka New Day feat. Mr. Show, SWITCHILL & BIGIz' Mafia
14.) Are U Worth It feat. MATCH
15.) Japanese Gal feat. MICHO
16.) Suppin Jya Muri feat. CHILL CAT
17.) JapaneseX (Dub Version) feat. MICHO
18.) Ah So! feat. MICHO & LIPSTORM
19.) Lifetime Story feat. YUE CUE
20.) Mask feat. Ms. MITT & MICHO
21.) Shareninanne (Okinawa Remix) feat. NAGAHIDE, LEOFEEL, ROOZ & DIRECKY
22.) JapaneseX (Bass Remix) feat. MICHO

All songs produced, mixed & mastered by JOE IRON

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"Japanese Gal" feat. MICHO:
"Baseball Money" feat. EGO, STEELO & DRAIG:
"Swimming" feat. PENNTAGON & AI ECO INA:
"Shareninannee feat. ROOZ & DIRECKY:
"Shareninannee" (Okinawa Remix) feat. NAGAHIDE, LEOFEEL, ROOZ & DIRECKY:
"JapaneseX" feat. MICHO:
"Koza" feat MATCH & TOUGH SAKI:
"Mask" feat. Ms. MITT & MICHO:

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