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JUN-GMC "Mr. Gangling" Album In-Stores Now!

New album from Hachioji (Tokyo) Rapper JUN-GMC!
This album features the 2 hit singles "S.F.T.B." feat. Gipper & Mishima and "Shiosai" feat. HI-D, both produced by JOE IRON!

JUN-GMC "Mr. Ganglang" Official Album Cover

Track Listing:
1. 終わりの始まり
3. Mr.GANGLING (pro  BEAT 奉行)
4. メリージェーン (pro  EPLP a.k.a RYO-VEN)
5. 招かれざる客 (pro  DJ 2HIGH)
6. 潮騒 ft. HI-D (pro  JOE IRON)
7. S.F.T.B  ft. GIPPER & 三島 a.k.a 潮フェッショナル (pro  JOE IRON)
8. VINYL (pro TAGET-C)
9. I Wanna Be ft. LUNA (pro  ZIPSIES)
10. ジャーナリズム (pro  DJ OASIS)
11. Life On The Run (pro  RUM CHOP)
12. ネバーギブアップ ft. 山田マン (pro  山田マン)
13. Thank you ft. SIMON JAP (pro  DIORI)
14. Mr.GANGLING Remix (pro
15. 始まりの終わり




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