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Direcky (A-DAWGZ) "Shinu Made" Album Tracklist

Direcky (from A-DAWGZ)
"Shinu Made"
Release Date: November 1, 2017


参加アーティスト: ROOZ, Pablo Blasta, NAGAHIDE & Indie
参加プロデューサー:JOE IRON, Ask Price & Takuya1985

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Direcky (A-DAWGZ) "Shinu Made" Album Cover

Direcky (A-DAWGZ) "Shinu Made" Album Cover

Track Listing: 
01. Radical feat. ROOZ (Prod by Ask Price)
02. 死ぬまで feat. Pablo Blasta (Prod by JOE IRON)
03. Professional feat. NAGAHIDE (Prod by JOE IRON)
04. 嘘の正義 feat. ROOZ (Prod by Takuya1985)
05. Skit 1
06. UFO Life feat. Indie (Prod by JOE IRON)
07. Fakeな友達 feat. ROOZ (Prod by JOE IRON)
08. Skit 2
09. Shoebox feat. ROOZ (Prod by Ask Price)

Executive Producer: JOE IRON
Record Label: Air Tight Music Group


Direcky (A-DAWGZ)

Direcky (A-DAWGZ)



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