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KOHH Complete Collection 1 (「YELLOW T△PE 1」

My man Kohh's re-release of his first mixtape "Yellow Tape!"... My song featuring Kohh is on it too.. check it out! 

Track Listing:

1.V12 feat.MONY HORSE 
3.LIL KOHH - Young Forever 
4.Fly Boy Life
5.SALU - Stand Hard(Remix) 
6.I Don't Know
9.A & N feat.Y’ s
10.Dick in a Pussy
11.Hair Cut
12.Tomareranai - JOE IRON feat. Kohh, Steelo & Yuki aka Juto 
13.This is How We Do it
14.Tatt on
15.Super Star
16.LIL KOHH - Young Forever( 王子第一小 Remix) feat. 久能 , COBY

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