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In-Stores Now! 2WIN (T-Pablow & Yzerr) "Born To Win" Album

(T-Pablow & Yzerr)
"Born To Win"

Full Length Album

7月2日発売。GRAND MASTER 2500円。

01. Fire Burn (Prod by RYUJA)
02. In My Blood (Prod by RYUJA)
03. Hate Me (Prod by JOE IRON)
04. School Of Hard Knocks (Prod by HABANERO POSSE)
05. Club Is On Fire feat. SAMI-T from MIGHTY CROWN (Prod by MICHAEL JAMES for BCDMG)
06. The Devil Wears Prada (Prod by KENSHU)
07. Do It Like Me feat. EGO (Prod by KAZUYA SEKIZAWA for BCDMG)
08. Love Or Die Remix (Prod by MONBEE)
09. That Letter (Prod by RYUJA)
10. One Way Ride feat. ANARCHY (Prod by JOE IRON)
11. Pain Away (Prod by MONBEE)
12. Stand Up (Prod by MONBEE)

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