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JOE IRON "BANZAI BOY" Vol. 2 Mixtape (Free Download)

Japanese Hip-Hop Mixtape
(Free Download)

31 original songs produced JOE IRON featuring the hottest up and coming Japanese Hip Hop artists! This critically acclaimed mixtape received over 40,000 downloads since it's 2012 release!

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01 Banzai Intro
02 JapaneseX feat. MICHO
03 DJ Hazimeですけど... (Skit)
04 Chofu Ninjaz (C-City Lights) feat. YOU-KID
05 あーそう feat. MICHO & LIPSTORM
06 Money Dance feat. CHILL CAT, REIZA & MS. MITT
07 I Know You Like It feat. K.YOUNG, SWITCHILL & YUKI aka JUTO
08 One In A Million feat. YUKI aka JUTO
09 Like A Plane feat. EGO
10 Fly feat. MICHO
11 Dolly’s Song (Skit)
12 Light In The Darkness feat. ALLURE (Thug Family), D-HY (The Ocean’s) & SARRY (C-DOGGZ)
13 Green Oceanz feat. YUE CUE
14 七味 feat. 嗚世羅
15 Soapland Negotiation (Skit)
16 今夜は女 feat. DAL
17 The Veteran feat. STICKY (SCARS)
18 Bollyhood feat. STEELO
19 Samurai N*gga feat. KIANO JONES
20 ザヤリマン feat. DRAIG, SWITCHILL & JAZYNE
21 Bad Habits feat. EGO & DAL
22 Video Game Beef (Skit)
23 帰って (Freestyle) feat. STICKY (SCARS)
24 小田原 (Skit)
25 Reppin’ Boys Reppin’ Girls feat. 百太郎 & SPYTUSS
26 0265 All-Stars feat. BIGG LO, SMOKEY & KEL
27 GrayZone feat. STICKY (SCARS) & MICHO
28 About You feat. 百太郎, TATSURO & MELLOWMAN
29 Walk On The Beach feat. ARIEL & K. LESING
30 Lifetyme Story feat. YUE CUE & S.INSANE

Hidden Track
31 With Love feat. MICHO & BIGJIM AGAIN

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