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OZworld a.k.a. R'kuma "OZWORLD" NEW ALBUM!

OZworld a.k.a. R’kuma

Ozworld aka R’kuma “OZWORLD” Album Cover

Ozworld aka R’kuma “OZWORLD” Album Cover

2019年6月9日 Release

1. あさがたのミートパスタ教
2. Lucy feat. MonyHorse
3. OKU
4. Peter Son feat. Maria & yvyv
5. U.F.O.
6. Magarikado Trap
7. まげわすれん
8. Do it feat. Yo-Sea
9. Betty boop feat. OZworld a.k.a. R'kuma / DJ JAM(YENTOWN)
10. She Iz / DJ HAZIME × OZworld a.k.a. R‘kuma
11. 畳 -Tatami- REMIX feat. JP THE WAVY
12. Mist feat. Lazy Wii & Len Kinjo as 1otu5
13. NINOKUNI feat. 唾奇

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JOE IRON ft. SKOLOR "On My Mind" Official Music Video!

New single and music video from Japanese Music Producer JOE IRON featuring up and coming Korean Rapper SKOLOR!
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Produced by: JOE IRON
Directed by: Lee Kyung Heon
Video Editing & Visual Effects: SKOLOR

JOE IRON feat. SKOLOR “On My Mind” Artwork

JOE IRON feat. SKOLOR “On My Mind” Artwork

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